Shake Yourself and Arise!

Isaiah 52:2 (NKJV) 2 Shake yourself from the dust, arise; Sit down, O Jerusalem!   Loose yourself from the bonds of your neck, O captive daughter of Zion! 

Important Words 

Shake: shake off, out, self, overthrow, toss up and down

A primitive root (probably identical with na'ar, through the idea of the rustling of mane, which usually accompanies the lion's roar); to tumble about --shake (off, out, self), overthrow, toss up and down. 

Visualize the "sins" as gnats flying around you.  It is up to us to rustle our manes and SHAKE THEM OFF! 

The signification of dust, is that which is damned. 

Visualize a rag after it has been used to dust a very old piece of furniture.  This is the dust which will remain on our canvas if we do not SHAKE IT OFF! 

Arise: to leave the place or state of rest; or to leave a sitting or lying posture. 

In Biblical times, it was common for a person to sit cross legged on dirt floors.  This verse is literally instructing us to stand up out of the dust and sit down on higher ground; to literally rise up OUT of the dust.  To arise requires ACTION!

Thoughts from Leslie
Our life is like a canvas. God intended for each of us to be born as a clean, white canvas, but because we are all born with a sin nature this is not possible.  Each time we act on our sin nature, our canvas becomes dusty and smudged.  But, we do not need to be discouraged when this happens.  There is still hope for us!  Thanks to Jesus, our life (canvas) can be wiped clean and refurbished!  It is not too late for any of us to become something new and beautiful!  Let's reflect once again on the steps required to refurbish a used canvas. 
If you haven’t yet watched “New Canvas” video on the Bible Stories from the Heart YouTube page, this is a great time to do so!  Just type Bible Stories from the Heart New Canvas video in the YouTube search bar or click here
Let's take note of the first key step: Dusting
In order to hold a new picture, a canvas must first be dusted. 

Metaphorically speaking, we must allow the same. We must allow the dirt to be removed from our lives before we can hold a new "life picture".  Allowing Jesus to rid us from the dust of sin is sometimes difficult, but ALWAYS necessary.  Before we can allow Him to clean us, we must first be willing to stand up out of the sin. This can be quite difficult to do. It requires us to first see ourselves as a dirty canvas!  Action Plan
Let's write down all of the sins we wish to release.  We should not leave ANY SIN out, no matter how big or how small.  Before we begin, let's pray to God to help us write this list. 

To make this have a deeper impact, let's write each sin using a black marker. 

Let's use a crisp clean white piece of paper (or canvas). 

After we make our list, let's smudge the ink from our writing and scribble over our paper (or canvas) to make it look dirty and soiled. 

Sin is filth!  It is vital for us to SEE it as such!!

Big Takeaway
In order to become a beautiful new masterpiece, we must first take the necessary steps of preparation.  Nothing will change on our "picture" unless we first dust off our canvas.  Unless we remove the dust first we are simply wasting our time and energy.  Fresh paint will not stick to dusty surfaces!!!  Removing the dust is going to require more strength than we possess on our own. 

This step requires intentionally keeping a dust rag in your back pocket. 

For us, our "dust rag" is The Word of God! 

It is vital for each one of us to draw on the mite of God to guide and empower us each and every day. God loves us so deeply!  He is ready and willing to help, but we must rely on Him DAILY! 

Here is a meditative coloring page to print and color.  As you color, take some time to reflect upon today's scripture. Actively listen for Gods voice. What is your Heavenly Father wanting to reveal to you?