4 Scripture Study "Tips" to Help Grow Your Faith!

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Are you longing to grow your faith this year?  Have you been looking for new ways to read and reflect upon scripture? Adding these 4 simple steps to your weekly scripture study can help!

Why do these steps work? Because they are INTERACTIVE! Research shows that the more we interact with "text", the deeper our understanding will be. This means that the more we interact with "scripture" the deeper our understanding will be.  As we take the time to interact with God's Word, we will not only gain a deeper understanding of the words, but more importantly we will gain a deeper revelation of God's PERFECT LOVE! It is this deeper revelation of of GOD that will help us GROW OUR FAITH! 

Here are the 4 simple steps

1.   Write out the Scripture- place YOUR name in the scripture wherever appropriate.

Think of the Bible as God's LOVE LETTER to his children. This will help you to place a HUGE value on each and every word contained in God's Word! Consider this- God himself chose each and every word that we see in scripture to be included in his HOLY WORD. As a result of this, it is VITAL that we do our part to NOTICE each and every one of HIS CHOSEN words! Hand writing scripture will help with this. Writing scripture in our own hand will help our brain to focus more intently on each word.  

Tip: As you write the scripture, take the time to place YOUR NAME in where appropriate.  Wherever you see a name or pronoun- replace that name or pronoun with YOUR NAME.  This will help to make the scripture more PERSONAL!

2.     Connect with the Scripture

Engage your mind and your emotions as you read.  To do this, take time as you read to make personal connections with scriptures. You can discover these connections by asking yourself a few basic questions. "Does this verse remind me of anything that I have personally experienced in the past?" and/or " Do I personally know someone who has experienced something like this? Reflecting upon your personal experiences will help to deepen your connection and engage your emotions. 

3.     Visualize/Draw/Color

Coloring or drawing as you read will help you to better visualize God's Word. Visualizing is the step that can bring the scriptures to life. We must always remember that the Bible is God's LIVING Word.  This means that the words on the pages of our Bibles are not just empty letter combinations.  Each word represents God's EVER-PRESENT LOVE, TRUTH, and PASSION! Taking the time to visualize as we read can help us with this!

4. Question/Seek  

Just as small children wonder and question as they seek to understand their parents and the world around them, as God's children we also need to wonder and question as we seek to better understand our heavenly world and our Heavenly Father.  The more we question and seek during scripture study, the more tuned in and ready to grow our minds are.  Growing minds=Growing understanding of God's INTENSE LOVE=Growing FAITH!  

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