Divine Diary

Connection Activity:  Make a "Divine Diary"

Exodus 15:2 (NKJV)

The Song of Moses

The Lord is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him; My father’s God, and I will exalt Him.

Think about the word exalt.  This word is a verb.  It requires action on our part. But, what does it truly mean to exalt someone?  How can we intentionally exalt God?

To exalt someone means to lift them up with words, or to speak highly of, so to exalt God we must speak highly of him!  To do this, we must SHARE all of our amazing revelations and experiences God with others anytime we feel led to do so!

God may not part seas around us on a daily basis, but he is ALWAYS with us!    

His hand is ALWAYS near.  He is always showering us with HIS LOVE, but sadly, we are oftentimes too busy or distracted to notice HIM.  This is a tragedy!  How can we celebrate and EXALT him if we do not notice HIS PRESENCE in our daily life?

Starting today let’s take some specific action steps to fix this!

The first step to exalting God is to first intentionally LOOK for HIM every moment of every day. When we see his hand moving in our life no matter how big or small, let’s document it!

Action Step
One way to document God’s hand in our lives is to keep a “Divine Diary”.  Just as young girls keep diaries to help them remember and celebrate special moments, we can do the same as adults!  Instead of our childhood diaries where we would write about all of the boys that we had crushes on, let’s instead write about GOD!  Our adult diary will be more of a “God Moment” Diary. 

This “Divine Diary” can be either a calendar or journal.  This special diary will be an intentional way for us to NOTICE and then forever remember all of the special moments between us and God! 

If you want to take it one step farther, you can even create a “HEAVENLY MEMORY BOX.”  In this box you can keep anything that reminds you of a special God moment.  

For example, a key from a house God blessed you with (maybe write the date you obtained the house on the key), a receipt of a bill God helped you pay off, a medical bracelet from your last hospital stay because God HEALED you, the pregnancy test which showed that God had blessed you with your first child, etc. 

As a way to exalt God, let’s be ready at a moment’s notice to “share” one or more of these special God Moments and amazing memories with the people around us.

It is SO INCREDIBLE that The God of the Universe chooses to touch our lives on a daily basis! We need to do all we can to NOTICE and EXALT him for this! 

Are you ready to see God’s LOVE for you in a bold new way?
If so, I challenge you to begin keeping your “Divine Diary” TODAY!

The easiest way to is use a calendar to write on daily :)