The Lord is My Strength and My Song!

Focus Verses
Exodus 15: 1-2 (NKJV)

The Song of Moses

1  Then Moses and the children of Israel sang this song to the Lord, and spoke, saying: “I will sing to the Lord, For He has triumphed gloriously! The horse and its rider He has thrown into the sea!  2 The Lord is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him; My father’s God, and I will exalt Him.


Notice that the title of our focus verses for this week is “The Song of Moses.”
It is interesting to note that The Song of Moses is the first song recorded in the Bible.  This song was written and sung by Moses after God had set him and the Israelites FREE.  This song was a very passionate and powerful song of deep celebration.

Why were the Israelites celebrating?  They had been held as slaves in Egypt for over 400 years and now they were FREE!  God had destroyed their captors and provided them with a fresh, new start! 

God not only set the Israelites free, but he did so in a huge and monumental way. Our mighty and powerful God actually parted the Red Sea to help his children escape from their captors!  As the dry land appeared, Moses was able to lead the Israelites right down the middle of the Red Sea! This is amazing!

Then just as the song describes when the Israelites were safely on the other side, God released the waters of the sea.  As the powerful waters of the Red Sea remerged, the evil Egyptians drowned.  The Israelites were now FREE! This true story is indeed truly “song worthy.”

Connection to Us

Just as God did not want captivity for the Israelites, he does not want captivity for any of his children today.  God LOVES us!  He wants us to live in freedom and peace under HIS incredible LOVE -  not under the captivity and destruction of sin. 

To help us resist sin’s captivity let’s learn from the Israelites.  Earlier in the Bible the Israelites made some bad choices.  Because of those bad choices they found themselves taken as captives in Egypt.  We must realize that if we are not careful, the same thing can happen to us today.   If we are not careful, we too will find ourselves bound in captivity!  Our bad choices may not lead us captives in Egypt, but we will easily find ourselves captive to our sin!

But the good news is - God LOVES US!  If we turn to him and sincerely ask for help, God can rescue us from captivity as well!  God can free us from our sin and place us once again under his freedom and showers of Heavenly LOVE!

If we allow God to lead us out of our captivity, we too will be FREED and ready    to receive God’s LOVE! Just like the celebration of our focus verses for today, our freedom should also be seen as a CELEBRATION!  Do you think we sometimes take our “Red Sea” rescues from sin for granted?  If so, maybe it is time for some of us to CELEBRATE!  Maybe it is time for some of us to reflect on some of our own God given freedom rescues and actually SING- just like Moses!
Notice when God rescued the Israelites destruction happened in the process.   This huge detail does not need to be overlooked.  The pathway back to the Israelites bondage was destroyed when God freed them!  Upon gaining freedom, The Israelites did not then try to swim back to the land of their captivity (Egypt).  They rejoiced in their freedom and walked FORWARD in their fresh start!

We need to let this really sink in.  When God rescues us from bondage he is wanting us to consider the pathway back to that sin destroyed!  We are not to look back!  We are not to return to our captivity!  We are to rejoice in our freedom and move FORWARD - just as the Israelites did!


Meditative Coloring Activity

As you sit and color this page imagine yourself sitting at the feet of Jesus.  As you color, meditate and reflect upon God's AMAZING love for you.  Ask your Heavenly Father to reveal himself to you in bold new ways.  Thank him for rescuing you from your sin and bondage.  

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