2017- A year of New Beginnings!

Are you ready for a Fresh Start in 2017? We have the perfect Bible Study for you! 

New Beginnings

This study's theme is - You: A NEW CANVAS. The lessons center around the steps needed to restore a used canvas and prepare it to become a beautiful new art piece. We relate each step in this process to our spiritual lives. 

Steps to restore a canvas:
1. The canvas has to be dusted - Likewise, we must dust ourselves off from the "sin." It is necessary that we remove ourselves from the "dirt." 
2. The surface of the canvas is sanded – This smoothed out all of the rough parts on the material’s surface.  Likewise, our "carnal" surface thinking must be sanded. It is vital for us to allow God's Word to change our thinking. 
3. The canvas needs to be covered with a primer to become a clean slate. Likewise, we must be covered and primed with the saving blood of Jesus in order for us to become a clean slate.  

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