Christian Coloring Bible Studies- Perfect for Homeschool!


Bible Stories from the Heart: Adult Coloring Workbooks are perfect for both kids and adults!

About the author and the studies:

Two years ago the Lord called Leslie Eaton, a professional educator,  to begin writing Christian curriculum.  The Lord prompted her to take what she had learned from teaching and apply that knowledge to creating a series of coloring Bible studies.

As a professional educator and reading comprehension specialist, Leslie understands the importance of providing “hands-on” comprehension tools to her students. She knows that without these “tools” a reader may miss much of the meaning embedded in a passage. This is why she decided to intentionally add comprehension “tools” to her coloring Bible studies.

The coloring pages are just one example. These pages are not only fun, they are also a valuable “tool” provided to help the reader grasp a deeper understanding of God’s Holy scriptures. SOAP reflection pages are also added as well as thought-provoking discussion questions.

Leslie intentionally goes slowly through God’s Word showing her readers how to uncover God’s passion in each and every verse.  She wants readers to learn not only how to reflect upon God’s grace but also how to absorb His amazing love!

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