Jesus Will Point You in the Right Direction

Focus Verses

John 12:26 (NKJV) - If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honor.


When Jesus was alive on earth he lived as a servant. The Lord God in heaven was Jesus’ master.  Jesus served God by following GOD’S will each and every moment.  Jesus lived to SERVE!  

We must do the same! But who should we serve?  Not ourselves, or anyone other than God, this will only lead us to misery and emptiness.  We must only serve God by continuously following Jesus. 

This is God’s ultimate plan for order and happiness.  Our world is designed to have God as the ONE AND ONLY MASTER of all.  Jesus understood this.  It is important for us to understand this as well. 

God, as master, is a common theme in the Bible. In several Biblical scriptures, God is actually called Adonai (a-do-NI).  Adonai comes from the word, adon, which is a Hebrew word meaning lord.  This word refers to a human who is a superior, master or owner.  Adonai is the plural form of adon and always refers to God as Lord, Master and Owner.  But, the name Adonai also implies a relationship: God is our Lord and Master only if we are his servants.  We must choose to serve him!  Jesus lived on earth to serve God, we must follow Jesus and do the same.  


Connection to Us

In our culture to serve or obey a person often means putting ourselves in a demeaning or humiliating position.  In our society, the thought of “serving” another person invokes very negative images.  This should not be the case when we think of “serving” God.  It is vital for us to change our view of these words.  For our own well-being and ultimate happiness, we must understand that BOTH of these words “service” and “obedience” are in fact POSITIVE words - WHEN REFERRING TO GOD!

Serving God is totally different than being a servant of another human being.  It is only when we serve God that we are truly fulfilled, and it is when we obey him that we are truly blessed.  This is a powerful truth that is ultimately hard for our human minds to understand. 

How can living as a servant be fulfilling? To help us understand let’s first consider just who our Lord God actually is - God is LOVE!  This is a huge fact that we do not need to overlook.  

When we are serving God and following Jesus, we are in fact serving and following LOVE!  By “serving” LOVE, we are in essence feeding LOVE and helping the kingdom of LOVE grow!  It is when we are “serving” love here on earth that we ultimately feel fulfilled - it is what we were created to do.  Jesus understood this. We must intentionally follow his lead.


 Focus Words / Reflection Activity

As you continue in this lesson you will see a reflection activity for you to complete.  With this activity, we encourage you to read the entire weekly focus verse again.  As you reread this verse, concentrate as deeply as you can on the key words for this activity. 

Seek to make personal connections and write them down.  Pray to your Heavenly Father to reveal new truths to you.  You will be amazed what God will show you through this easy activity.  Repeat this activity several times over this coming week.

John 12:26 (NKJV) 26 If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honor.

Serves - διακονέω: diakoneō to minister, serve, do service

Follow - ἀκολουθέω: akoloutheō properly, to be in the same way with, i.e. to accompany (specially, as a disciple)

There - ἐκεῖ: ekei there, in that exact place

Honor - τιμάω: timaō to prize, that is, fix a valuation upon; by implication to revere

Notice that this verse states that God will honor us if we serve him - this is HUGE!  To honor means to show and feel esteem, value, or great respect toward another person.  

So, in essence when we replace some key words in this verse with related synonyms, this verse is saying - if we minster/serve (SHOW LOVE) in the same way as Jesus did; that God the Father will feel great esteem, value, and respect toward us!  This is AMAZING!  

By serving God we will be helping LOVE grow and we will be earning the respect of GOD!  This should make us feel fulfilled and happy at any given moment.

****Take a few minutes now to meditate and pray over this week’s focus verse.  As you meditate quietly, relax your mind and color.  Ask God to reveal new truths to you.  Ask him to reveal HIS LOVE to you in a bold new way!  Ask him to direct your steps each and every day.  Thank him for loving you!