Are you searching for LOVE?

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No matter their age, background, or social status, all women share one deep and powerful need- the need to be loved.  Love in itself is a very dominant and intense force. It drives women’s decisions and actions all throughout their lives. It is this desire that can ultimately guide women closer to the heart of Jesus.

It is when this “drive” pulls women away from God that problems begin to arise. It is when women take their eyes off of Christ that emptiness and desperation begin to grow in their hearts.

Bible Stories from the Heart is motivated to help women use this drive to grow closer to God.  We want to teach women everywhere that TRUE LOVE comes from God alone. The Bible is actually FULL of God’s LOVE.  God’s Word is in fact a huge “Love Letter” written to us from our Heavenly Father himself. 

Our goal at Bible Stories from the Heart is for women to both comprehend and feel the incredible love of their heavenly Father.  Our Adult Coloring Bible Studies are written specifically for this purpose. Each lesson we write; including the focus scriptures, Bible history, poetry, discussion questions, reflection activities and meditative coloring page, are designed for this one purpose- to help all women experience the magnificent LOVE of God!

Are you ready to experience the DEEP and PROFOUND love of GOD?

if so, we would love for you to try Bible Stories from the Heart!