How To Use Faith Art to Enhance Your Daily Bible Study

Bible Stories from the Heart provides inspirational Christian devotions and fun faith art activities in each of their unique Adult Coloring Bible Study Workbooks.  Each easy- to- follow, scripture-based lesson and activity is written with one goal in mind: To help you experience God's Incredible Love for You in a Bold New Way- THROUGH ART!

Their easy-to-follow workbooks offer a fun new approach to daily Bible Study. The coloring pages included can be used in a variety of inspirational and creative ways. Step by Step videos are available on the Bible Stories from the Heart YouTube page to help get you started! 

Below you'll find a video that shows how to create a Faith Art Journal.  

Are you ready to feel God's love in a deep and powerful way?

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Reduced- sized art for "tracing" is included in every Bible Stories from the Heart workbook.

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