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"This book has made my study time so much richer, deeper and more meaningful!  The lessons are thorough and thought provoking.  The artwork / color time just seals the deal for me!"

"It is thought provoking and downright fun..."

"Created with knowledge, and obvious passion for Jesus, and a genuine desire to connect women to God-- these studies are a blessing to anyone who wants to go deeper in their relationship with God" 

"Coloring helps get rid of some of the "adulthood" we all have too much of, helps us to develop our skills, and is a beautiful way to share with others the unique creations that the Lord brings to our hearts through these studies! Leslie is an incredible author, and Nicole's creative art skills come to life in each page they touch."

"The author goes deep, takes that next step, in order to give us a deeper desire for more of God's Word and it works!  This gives me not just a Bible Study, but includes coloring pages for each week, and doing these is so so calming! Who doesn't love to color? I've even gotten into chalks and water colors because of these studies and have dabbled in my own artwork."

"This bible study...has been so powerful and life changing for me. Creating art while reflecting on God's word and His love really brings a new depth to studying the Bible."

"What an amazing devotional/coloring book. The authors have done a great job incorporating God's Word into our personal lives. It gives scriptures, application for our lives today, and awesome reflections all mixed together with creativity and coloring/painting/drawing. You simply must buy this and the other books these authors have."


"This book just opens the door; what you find inside is joy in the Lord."

"This Bible Study is the best ever! I love the details of each color page, very simple instructions that are easy to follow. After the first study I was wanting to dig deeper into God's Word."

"I wanted a way to relax and get closer to God, and this coloring book has allowed me to do it!! The pics are large & easy to color, and the bible verses are spot on, seemingly appropriate for reflection and getting closer to God."

"I am 52 years old and this is my first bible study ever. The lessons are well written and the art work is beautiful!"

"I got into this study because I wanted to start Bible journaling and thought this might help me have the courage to get into it. It has done that but it has also been such a great Bible study in itself and I love having the coloring page to go along with the lesson. Doing that helps me to focus in on the study and receive so much more out of it."

Our women's group is having a great time with this study!"


"I am hooked on this way to study, staying in God's word daily, but I'm also very impressed with Leslie as the writer, and Nicole as the artist."

"Got this study to use with a group of friends in an informal Bible study group. I was first struck with how much material is in here!  Five weeks worth of study material, and the frosting on the cake so to speak is the art work that is included for you to color." 

"It is a great way to relax and gives you a Bible message to think about while you are coloring! The book is very thoughtfully done!"

"Love this devotional. This is my first time actually sitting down with a devotion and really study Gods word. I read the bible and study it but this devotional makes it so much easier to comprehend. I highly recommend it and also their Facebook page. Lots of great helpful information."

"Wonderful bible study with amazing Faith Art." 

"Bible Stories from the Heart is a great introduction to Bible journaling and is a wonderful way to share the love of the Lord in an art design form. Also a good way to memorize passages from the Bible. Thank you, Leslie Eaton!!!"

"My Tuesday morning ladies Bible study uses these. The drawing pages are great I have traced them to use in my journal and it looks great."


"So love all her books !! Really enjoyed having this book for our weekly Bible Study. The coloring pages are awesome . The devotions are thought provoking and bring on a lot of discussion."

"The combination of notes, questions for reflection and coloring was indeed an awesome experience. It feeds the heart and mind while drawing you into a moment with the Lord, simple and deep. I'm looking forward to my next study."

"Bible Stories From The Heart is such an excellent and anointed Bible study!!!!! Everything Bible study that Leslie Eaton does, I know has been guided from the Holy Spirit!!!! With doing this Bible study, you will be rooted deeper in Christ and come to a better knowledge of HIM!!!!"

"So much fun with our small group that meets at church. Discussion time was spiritually uplifting and I learn much about God's love for us."

"Leslie is amazing. She creates interesting, creative, Christian workbooks for those who want to read,study, meditate, draw and create for the Lord to further study the gospel. She does amazing work and we all appreciate what she does for the group for readers outside the group."


"I love Leslie Eaton's Bible Studies because they are so interactive and allow you to dive deep into scripture. The focus of this study is a deeper relationship with God. It has reflection pages (SOAP) where you journal what you are learning and apply it to your everyday life. It also has wonderful faith art pages that you can color or paint as you meditate on God's Word."

"An interactive bible study that bring us closer to God. Not only do you have Faith Art you can meditate on and relax but there is interactive questions that have to think on God's word. Each week brings you closer to God and allows you to meditate on what God wants you to know."

"You will really enjoy these books. The writing and the drawings are beautiful. Great for just yourself or to use in a Bible study group like I do."

"There is so much to learn and the art projects are so much fun! I absolutely love this! "

"Excellent Bible Study Aide -   It is beautiful, well written and I can follow along with others on Facebook to study the lessons. What an awesome idea,"


"The devotions are well written with plenty of opportunities to dig deeper into God's Word and apply it to your life. The Faith Art pages are a great opportunity to meditate on the Word and pray about what God is wanting you to learn, do or apply to your life. I have not ever participated in a study that incorporated my faith and creativity before and I love this aspect of the study."

"I love this bible study. It begins in Genesis and teaches us about God's love for us and what all he created for us. The included coloring pages (Faith Art) are amazing and give you time to meditate on God's word as you relax and color."

"I love how these Bible studies including coloring pages! There is also a lessons for the verses you are studying, discussion questions, and pages to do S.O.A.P. (a method of studying God's Word by writing out the Scripture, writing Observations, Application, and then a Prayer."

"This is the best bible study!! Very short and sweet but it packs a punch. I get a lot out of her bible studies. The coloring pages are great because you can go way out and beyond creating your own coloring using different mediums to create your own style."

"This is one of the best Bible studies I have done. Coloring is so relaxing and helps me to remember the verses. I have been recommending this study to everyone."


"Beautiful, purposeful and uplifting study. Very easy to follow. The artwork is fantastic. Adding art to your bible, journals and study is life changing! I am looking forward to working through the entire series."

"Very excited to start this book and begin my first Christmas with Jesus in my life.  These are super fun and easy to follow and I love referring to them over and over again!"

"I am so excited about this study. Leslie is a good friend and I've done several of her studies. I received this one today. I can't wait to study it and do the artwork. It's beautiful."

"I am never disappointed with the the Bible Study or the Adult Study Books. I would recommend this group to everyone, try it you just might fall in love with them as I have."