Leslie Eaton


Leslie will lead you through the reading and study of the weekly lessons.  She has over 20 years as a professional educator. Ten of those years she worked as a reading comprehension specialist. Leslie has undergone extensive training in both reading comprehension and effective learning strategies. She is now excited to bring these successful strategies to this study. Her goal is to empower people as they seek to experience God’s love on a deeper level. She has led various Christian small groups and book studies in and around the Atlanta area for over 5 years. Now she is bringing her knowledge of teaching and her love of God’s Word to Bible Stories from the Heart.

What to expect from Leslie

You will be lead through each scripture lesson with one goal in mind- to know and understand God’s love for you on a deeper level!

What we will do:

·        Read Scriptures that are listed.

·        Pray that God will REVEAL Himself in new and powerful ways.

·        Reflect on the key verses contained in each lesson.

·        Answer discussion questions found with each lesson.

What we will learn:

·        Relevant Biblical history

·        Connection to our lives today


Nicole Plymesser Nelson


Nicole has been teaching art for 20 years—in elementary and high schools, retail settings, private lessons, and workshops.  All along she has written her own curriculum that works for all ages and abilities. Nicole also has a successful illustration business that showcases her faith. She designs the illustrations for the studies so that all audiences will feel comfortable using art to study God’s Word.


What to expect from Nicole

The goal is for you to use art methods to meditate, pray and connect with God on an even deeper level-- taking time to create will allow God to flow through your hands and fingers as you ALLOW HIS WORDS to INSPIRE YOU!  As you work, pray over the images and words.  Brain science shows that creating artwork actually creates more connections in the brain, making information easier to remember.  You will be amazed at how this transforms your study and recall of the lessons!

Three options are available for you:

·        Read the scriptures and create your own design in your Bible or faithjournal.

·        use the coloring page versions—adding color in your media of choice

or use the mini versions to trace into your Bible or faith art journal