Small Group Directions

To use this study in a small group setting we recommend the following:

1.    As a group, meet one day per week.

2.    The leader opens in prayer and provides time for hospitality.

3.    Each meeting will follow a set schedule:

Devotion Time:

      Leader will introduce the weekly devotion by reading the scripture and instruct members to open their workbooks to the correct page.  Members will be given 10 minutes to read the devotion (Introduction ONLY:  Monday-Friday assignments are homework and will be done throughout the week on their own). Before they begin reading, they will be encouraged to jot down their thoughts directly on the devotion pages as they go. 

      Time is allowed after the devotion is read for members to share their thoughts with the group.  Do they have any connections?  What are they hoping to gain from this verse? Do they have any questions about this verse that they are hoping can be answered as they reflect throughout this week?

Art Time:



      Time is given to get out all art supplies and preview the weekly art example. Members can choose to bring any art materials that they wish:  watercolors, crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.  There is no one way to create the weekly art pieces. 

      Members are encouraged to create their art in their own journals.  Keeping the art pieces together is a wonderful way to document their spiritual growth and will make it easier for them to continue this process after this study ends.

      The coloring pages are then previewed. Members are free to create a new picture or color the one provided. Members are also free to trace and color a picture directly into their Bible if desired. Reduced size art is located at the back of the workbook for tracing purposes.

      The leader will then play soft music in the background and allow members time to reflect on God’s Word as they create their own art. Members are given the option to recreate Nicole’s piece exactly, or create any other picture that flows from them.  If members are leery about their creativity, they may simply color one of the coloring sheets which are provided for each lesson.

Meeting Conclusion:

      The meeting will end with members sharing their art and thoughts with the group.

      Each member will leave the meeting with an understanding of how to use their SOAP reflection page.  They will be encouraged to go deeper into God’s Word in the next few days by reading the given scripture and then reflecting upon it.  

As each week passes, it should become easier and more natural for members of the group to both reflect on, and interact with the Word of God.


This process repeats each week.

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