It all started when...

God called Leslie Eaton, a professional educator, into Women's Ministry.

Leslie Eaton, like many other women, was "hungry" for LOVE.  After looking in all of the “wrong” places, Leslie discovered that she was in fact trying to fill a God-sized hole with human-sized relationships. This will never work!  After much heartache, Leslie finally realized that she had a “void” that only her Heavenly Father could fill!

Upon this realization, Leslie began a God-filled “Love Quest.”  She began searching.  She began crying out to God!  She started reading and praying like never before! It is then that Leslie discovered something AMAZING.  Leslie discovered that the Bible is FULL of God’s LOVE! God showed her that his Word is in fact a huge "Love Letter" authored by him and totally directed toward HER!  

The wonderful truth is-God not only LOVES Leslie, he also DEEPLY and POWERFULLY loves YOU!!!

Leslie began writing Bible Stories from the Heart: Adult Coloring Bible Studies as a way to help other women experience God's AMAZING LOVE. 

Each of her studies are written with one goal in mind: to FEEL God's LOVE  in a new and powerful way!

Are you ready to experience the TRUE LOVE of God?  

The videos below are a wonderful way to learn more about our story :-)