Mary Chose the Good Part


 I am going to be honest, I struggled illustrating this verse.  I tried drawing Jesus and Mary, but just couldn't fit them in the space the way I wanted.  In the end I decided to draw spirals with some hidden meanings.  The orange one is Jesus.  The large blue one is Mary, and the others are us when we draw close to Him.  And then I added details of dots to add to the overall drawing.

  1.  Start with the biggest spiral on the left side of the paper.  It is a lot like a super scrolly question mark.
  2. Draw the circles at the bend of the spiral.  And under that start the blue scroll.
  3. From there add more scrolls that fill the bottom of the page.  Add little circles.
  4. Write in the Bible verse, using capital letters to emphasize key words.
  5. Add color.