Come to Me and Rest


I was in Atlanta visiting Leslie when I drew this one.  In Chicago it was still winter and snow--but large flocks of birds were starting to migrate back north.  In Atlanta, it was warm and sunny, all the dogwoods were in bloom.  The two images in my mind merged--I thought of all of those little birds needing to rest after their long trips--their very instinct is to trust God and do what He created them to do.

  1.  Start with the tree.  I draw the trunk shape first, a rectangle/cylinder shape and then start added branches from the bottom up.  Draw lightly so you can go back and make the sticks thicker.
  2. Add little leaves, bird shapes and circles for flowers.  The birds can be just a little oval shape with a beak.
  3. Draw a pointy line along the bottom for new grass poking up.
  4. In the top right corner I added a circle for the bright sunshine.
  5. Use curling, almost cursive letters to add in the Bible verse.
  6. Add color.