Nothing Can Separate Us--coloring page

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As a child it was our custom to say Easter Morning to everyone we met, "He is RISEN!" and the other person would reply, "He is RISEN indeed!"  And many times we would both nod our heads.

It was such a celebratory way to acknowledge just why we were in church that Easter morning and to focus us on why that Sunday was especially important.

Jesus, our Christ and Savior, did a lot of work that first Holy Week and Easter to redeem us.  And what He did, coming back from the dead, was such a triumphant event.  But in true Jesus fashion, He did it humbly.  Nothing could separate our Savior from us.  Not even death--He overcame the very thing that the Fall of Sin brought to Eden--death.  He made it possible for us to overcome death and join Him in heaven when we believe in that amazing feat of resurrection.  And we can be with Him eternally.

Yes, He is Risen Indeed!