Stillness Rabbit Coloring Page

Happy Easter from Bible Stories from the Heart :)

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 Nothing can separate coloring page stillness rabbit coloring page

Ahhhh, spring.  Here in Chicago spring is coming and after the cold and snow and grey it is such a relief to have warm and sunshine and color back.  Robins and bunnies are back.  Nests are being built.  Flowers are busy growing and blooming.  All the world seems "twitterpated".  As busy as the world is, I want to sit back and listen and watch.  This is the time I want to be still the most.  I want to enjoy that fullness of God in the world.  He is so evident in the spring to me.

What about you?  Is spring a wonderful season in your area?  Is it a time when you want to listen for God just that much more?  As you color, and trace the words, think of all the times in the Bible God calls us to to be still, to rest, to enjoy His creation and work.  To let Him lead.  To watch the wonderful show of life that He puts on everyday for us.  Sit at a window, or even better outside if you can.   As you color, pray for creation, for the joyfulness of spring, for the stillness and that the Holy Spirit will join you there in the moment.


Love ya, Nicole