Why Not "Host" Your Own Small Group?

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ExCiTiNg AnNoUnCeMeNt!!!!

Bible Stories from the HeArT feels SO PASSIONATE about each of you starting your own in-person small group we would LOVE to help you get started!!!!

There is something SO amazing in meeting together with a group of women every week and studying God's Word together. PLEASE do not let ANYTHING stop you from starting!!!!

We would be more than happy to send you a FREE Devotions study pdf for you to download and print to help you get started (if money is holding you back)

If you are nervous about "how" to host a group- we can help with that too!!!!

email: eatonles@gmail,com if you need a free pdf or hosting ideas to help you get started


Once you begin hosting your own small group- you will LOVE it!!!! The hardest part is getting started:)


Those of Needing Help With Your Small Group:

I will post videos every Monday. In the weekly video- I will LEAD the group for you through the weekly devotion.


Here is our You Tube Channel:


Once posted- the video will be available on our You Tube channel indefinitely- so your group is free to meet ANY time day or night - use the video if needed-and study God's Word together.

Your in-person will not need to be on the same exact schedule as our Facebook group.





You are free to meet as whenever and often as you would like.

The videos will be on You Tube whenever you need them. All you will need to do is: _____________________________________________

1. Provide coloring sheets and copies of weekly lesson (or encourage your members to purchase a workbook from Amazon) 2. Provide coloring supplies(or ask members to bring some) 3. Provide coffee and snacks (or take turns having members bring them)

This is going to be SO FUN!!!!! I can't wait!!!!:)

Workbooks can be ordered here on Amazon :



sample pack