New Study Begins SOON!!! :)

MoNdAy FeBrUaRy 15th :) :) :)

Our Devotional Study will begin on our Facebook group page on Monday, February 15th :)

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About Bible Stories from the Heart:

Leslie Eaton (the author) has been a professional educator for nearly 20 years. Many of those years were served as a reading specialist in the state of Ohio. She now teaches elementary school in Georgia. She loves teaching in general, but is most passionate about teaching reading strategies.

Leslie is so happy that God is now allowing her to combine her love of teaching and educating to help spread HIS LOVE!!!!

Because she writes each lesson from a "teacher's perspective" you will find that her Bible Studies are like no other Christian Studies available today.

Her lessons are very easy, engaging, and MEMORABLE :)

If you are looking for a fun way to study God's Word and actually remember and apply each verse to your life- Bible Stories from the Heart is for YOU!!!! ;)

A big difference between their studies and most others on the market today is the meditative art activity which is included with each lesson.

The activities are enjoyable and relaxing, but there is a much bigger purpose behind each activity.

The purpose behind the art activities is to help you actually FEEL and EXPERIENCE The

AMAZING Words of God :)

Are you ready to experience God's INCREDIBLE LOVE for you??

Join today!!!  :)



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