CoLoRiNg CoNtEsT!!!

CoLoRiNg CoNtEsT BeGiNs NoW!!!!!! You have until Monday, February 15th to color and post your art :)

Post your completed art on our Facebook Group Page Wall:

If you are not already a member of our online Christian Bible Study Group- we would LOVE for you to join us today!!!!



art deskcontest sheet wp-1454193661734.jpg




Here is our first CONTEST coloring page :)

You are not limited to "coloring"- you can paint, create a "mixed media" art piece using this image, or hand draw this picture- the choice is totally up to you :)

The purpose of this activity is to spend quiet time with Jesus. As you color, meditate on God's AMAZING LOVE for you :)

Talk to your Heavenly Father :)

Sing praises to Him! :)

Listen for His voice in the quietness of your mind :)

The Lord of the Universe

is LONGING to spend time with you :) :) :)

Invite Him to "sit" with you as you color and meditate :)