New Beginnings 5 Week "art inspired" Bible Study!

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ExCiTiNg AnNoUnCeMeNt!!!!

We offer our entire "New Beginnings" 5 week study plus coloring pages as a pdf file for only $5.95

Feel free to print your own copy to study and color at your own pace:)


About this Christian Bible study:

FUN ART INSPIRED BIBLE STUDY! A New way to study the Bible is finally here! The unique method provided in this workbook is perfect for adults of all ages. Each easy to follow lesson is partnered with a meditative coloring page. For individuals who use journaling Bibles, these coloring pages can easily be drawn or traced directly onto the pages of your Bible. Adding these interactive and visual elements to your daily Bible Study will not only deepen your faith but also enable you to feel God's LOVE in a new and powerful way.

All lessons focus on scriptures taken from the NKJV Bible. This study's theme is:


Each lesson will center around a step needed to restore a used canvas and prepare it to become a beautiful new art piece. We will relate each step in this process to our lives. Are ready to become a beautiful new masterpiece??

This study is perfect for both individuals and small groups.