New Beginnings Art directions

New Beginnings When Leslie decided to name this study new beginnings, I was also in the middle of a plant unit with my homeschooled 7th grader.  So my brain spun to vines and leaves and new plants sprouting forth.  In my imagination I could see the new plant in the early morning dawn light pushing up through the garden dirt and turning toward the sun.

Scan-003 (1)

  1. I created this with watercolor.  I wet the entire piece of paper (to the point of being shiny, but no puddles) and then pooled the different colors on the page letting them bleed together a bit in a few places.  Use mostly yellow, then a bit of orange, pink or very watered down red, and then just a bit of purple.
  2. When that was dry I penciled in the vines, leaves, and the words. You can write new beginnings or you may choose to put in a word for the year to direct you.
  3. You will see the directions on how to draw below:
  4. Scan-010

The vine is just simple curved lines that end in a circle.

The leaves are fairly simple shapes, some with pointed tips, some rounded.  I then filled them with a variety of lines, shell patterns, or circles.


  1. After they were drawn in I used a variety of green colors to fill them in.  Try mixing 3 different shades of green by adding blue or yellow or red.
  2. When that was dry I went over the entire design with black marker.
  3. Finally I used colored pencil to mae scribbles in the background-covering each area with a like color (pink on pink, yellows on yellow, etc.)

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