Go and Sin no More Art Directions

Go and Sin No More Tutorial  

For me, the visual that stuck out in this story was of Jesus bending down to write in the sand with all the rocks piled around Him that no one could throw.  Not one of those people could throw a stone.  And then to be that woman—she had probably been hiding her eyes and looking down most of the time.  Her eyes would have been wide with fright, and then to see those words and the stones.  Wow.  So that is what I drew.


Really for such a powerful image, it is extremely simple to recreate.

  1. Draw the lumpy circle shapes starting in the bottom left corner and arcing up to the top right corner.  Add little pebbles in between.
  2. Along that art write the first part of the verse. Then in the center of the art you created write in bubble letters go and sin no more.
  3. Adding color: I used watercolors I started with the sand by adding browns and yellows.  You can do this one of two ways:  I just used a juicy brush on dry paper and let the two colors bleed together, but let the brush strokes stay. Or you can LIGHTLY wet the entire background and then add the browns and yellows with a juicy brush, let them mix more, and no brushstrokes.
  4. When it dried I went in and added darker brown and a more golden yellow in a few places to deepen the color.
  5. The rocks: I added blobs of greens—let that dry, added purple—let that dry—then blue, and finally the same with a very light grey.  Letting them dry keeps them from creating weird colors by mixing and kept them vibrant on the sand.
  6. Outline all the words and shapes with black marker or pen.
  7. I used colored pencil to go in and highlight with scribbles in a few places to make the colors stand out even more.

These are some hand-drawn notes to help: