Art For Your New Journaling Bible :)


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The 2 sets  can be purchased  in the above links- they contain 9 scripture based pictures each.

These pictures are small enough to be easily drawn or traced directly into your journaling Bible.

All artwork in this supplement pdf is designed to accompany the lessons written by Bible Stories from the HeArT. To get the most from this faith growing experience, you will need the following two Bible study workbooks, “Exodus Study” and “New Beginnings.”

Both of these workbooks are available on Amazon :) :)

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Here is the Amazon link for New Beginnings

Bible Stories from the Heart incorporates reading, writing, and artwork to help you meditate and pray over God’s Word in a deep and meaningful way. Our lessons and activities are written to lead you at an intentionally slow and steady pace. Each lesson will focus on the same scriptures for several days before moving on to new scripture. There are very powerful reasons why the lessons are written this way. We believe that moving slowly and intentionally through God’s Word helps create an actual relationship with God. By slowing down to reflect and create as we study we are actually training our spiritual selves how to quietly sit at our Heavenly Father’s feet. God wants a relationship with each one of us! This study will help retrain our over active bodies and minds to slow down long enough to actually interact with our amazing Lord!

Feel free to join our online Bible Study on Facebook: