Are You Ready for a New Beginning??

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We would LOVE for you to join our online Bible Study group,

Bible Stories from the HeArT!!!!


Our next study, titled "New Beginnings" will be posted on our Facebook group page beginning January 1st

Each lesson contains a matching coloring page which can easily be drawn into your Bible or added to your faith journal.

Here is a little information about our upcoming study:

"New Beginnings" is a 5 week Christian Bible Study.

All lessons focus on scriptures taken from the NKJV Bible.

Each of the lessons contains a fun coloring page to help you sit quietly and reflect on God's Word in a new and powerful way as you meditate on the verses being studied:)

This study's theme is:


Each lesson will center around a step need to restore a used canvas and preparing it to become a beautiful new art piece. We will relate each step in this process to our lives. Are ready to become a beautiful new masterpiece??

This study is going to be AMAZING!!!!

I can't wait to begin!!!!


If you are interested in ordering a workbook, here is our Amazon link: