ExCiTiNg NeWs: Our Studies Are Now Offered as pdfs!

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Are you looking for a Fun, New way to study God's Word?


Why not COLOR as you study?


Our Christian Bible studies combine art with each weekly lesson.


There is no other Christian Bible Study like this on the market today!


ExCiTiNg NeWs:

You have been waiting and asking us for this.

We are SO happy to announce that we are now offering our workbooks as downloadable pdf files!!!


Feel free to print one and try it today!


Each interactive study is PERFECT for both small groups or individual study!  :)



Here are step by step instructions on how to begin:

Example Schedule


Hours of the day can be adjusted to fit your schedule. 



7:00-7:30   Snacks and social time


7:35- 7:40   Open in prayer and welcome members


7:40-7:50    Give instructions to highlight key words 


7:50-8:00    Members read the weekly lesson


8:00-8:10    Read a few of the questions and allow discussion         


8:10-8:15    Get out art supplies and preview weekly art piece


8:15-9:00    Play soft music and allow time for members to create


9:00- 9:15   Share art pieces and thoughts


9:15- 9:30   Pass out SOAP pages and close in prayer





Hospitality Ideas


  1. Serve a light snack each week. Members can volunteer to bring finger foods or desserts on a rotating basis, if desired.
  2. Offer a variety of both sugary and non-sugary drinks.
  3. Have plenty of plastic cups, paper plates, as well as napkins.
  4. Have name tags ready for members to fill out and wear.
  5. Remember people are coming for a purpose: to connect with others and to connect with God. Be sure that all members are introduced and feel welcome.
  6. Have chairs set in a circle formation to promote easy conversation throughout the lesson.
  7. Provide an “ice breaker” activity for the first few meetings: there are several fun ideas found on Google (Christian small group ice breaker activities).
  8. Make sure you have an area designated for the art activity. You may need to provide paper towels and plastic cups of water for watercolor paints (if needed).
  9. Have a few extra boxes of crayons on hand in case members forget their art supplies.



Directions Lesson Time:

  • Leader will introduce the lesson and instruct members to open their workbooks to the correct page. Members will be given 10 minutes to read the lesson. Before they begin reading, they will be encouraged to jot down their thoughts directly on the lesson pages as they go.
  • Time is allowed after the lesson is read for members to share their thoughts with the group. 
  • The leader will then read a few discussion questions to the group and give time to allow members to answer and give collaborative feedback.

Art Time:

  • Time is given to prepare all art supplies and preview the weekly art example. Members can choose to bring any art materials that they wish: watercolors, crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.  There is no one way to create the weekly art pieces.
  • Members are encouraged to create their art in their Bible Stories from the Heart journals. Keeping the art pieces together is a wonderful way to document their spiritual growth and will make it easier for them to continue this process after this 6 week study ends.
  • The art tutorial pages are then reviewed. Members are free to recreate the piece exactly or create one of their very own. Members also have the option of not creating an art piece, but simply coloring the page provided in their workbooks.

The leader will then play soft music in the background and allow members time to reflect on God’s Word as they create their own art.

Meeting Conclusion:

  • The meeting will end with members sharing their art and thoughts with the group.
  • Each member will leave the meeting with an understanding of how to use their SOAP reflection page. They will be encouraged to go deeper into God’s Word in the next few days by reading the given scripture and then reflecting upon it. 



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