Romans 8:28 Art Tutorial: Plus Tip-ins!


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Downloadable PDF coloring page:  work together coloring

There is a lot of information in the videos today--and it explains a lot of the symbolism in this piece as well.  Click HERE (Part 1) and HERE (Part 2) to go to the You Tube videos.  And at the bottom of this post you will find a tutorial for creating tip-ins  with coloring pages and more in your Bible.

But for those of  you just reading:

  1.  It started with a drawing of a little kid's paper weaving.  I often just sketch random ideas from Pinterest and then wait for the right verse to match up.  This verse reminded me of how individual pieces are not nearly as effective as when we work together as a whole.
  2. weaving outline  Start by drawing all of the horizontal lines (about 10).  Connect them on the ends with funny little lines that make arrows or slants that make them look like the strips.
  3. Add 4 rectangles to the top and the bottom of the horizontal rectangles to create the vertical strips.
  4. Now ****start on the strip on the farthest left.  Skip the first horiztontal strip and add vertical lines that line up with the rectangle you drew at the top to make it look like a continuation of that vertical piece.  Skip every other horizontal piece to continue making it look like it is woven.  Continue for each vertical rectangle.
  5. The colors:  The blue is God in the background and the vertical strips holding it all together.  And then there is a blue horizontal strip that represents Jesus coming to Earth as a man.
  6. Here are two photos of the beginning of the process:

weavving blue paint

4. After applying all of the blue, I painted in the horizontal strips.  I chose rainbow so the colors could melt into each other and make new colors and to represent the uniqueness of each person and the need for differences.

5.  When the painting was complete and dry, I filled in the outlines, and then wrote the verse.

I also wanted to show how to create a tip-in with coloring pages or whatever paper you like.  This is a super easy process!  And this verse ended up being a perfect example of why tip-ins can be a great addition to your Bible.  (See photos below the instructions.)

  1. Start with a 5x7 print of the coloring page version of the artwork.
  2. Use colored pencils to fill it in.  Always outline the shape and then fill in with strokes going the same direction when coloring in.
  3. Cut the paper down to size and use washi tape (just because it is fun) to tape it to the margin of your Bible where the verse is located.
  4. Turn the paper in so it is face flat on the text and you can see the back.  Add more tape to the other side to the edge of the page.  This will help secure it and creates a strong hinge so you can fold it back and forth.

20150927_201450    20150927_202147    20150927_202151    20150927_202211

On this same page of my Bible is another favorite verse that I illustrated a few weeks ago that I wanted to include here as well.  So I added a second tip-in.

5.  I printed off this illustration and used another color washi tape to attach it to the bottom margin of my Bible page. You could also just create an artwork on a smaller piece of paper.

20150927_202319       20150928_083531  20150928_083540

Here you can see both tip ins added to my Bible:  picture 1:  each folded out, picture 2 the bottom folded in and side out and photo 3 is how you can see the text still.

I was able to illustrate two different verses on the same page, but still keep them in their context.  This is a great way to add other notes, photos, pictures, doodles, whatever to personalize your Bible, your relationship, and worship time with Christ even more!  This is also a great solution for those of you who can't afford or find a journaling Bible right now, are concerned about covering text but want your art next to the verses, are concerned about mistakes, or don't want to mess with a separate book.

I hope you try a tip-in this week!  I can't wait to see your photos on the Facebook group!

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