What is Bible Journaling?

Bible Journaling is a way to "interact" with the Word of God.  I was shown a fantastic article today that stated that Bible Journals are becoming the next big trend!  This makes my heart so happy!!!  I feel that this is a perfect way for many of us to grow even closer to our Heavenly Father!!

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Retailers Champion Bible Journaling Trend


journaling-bible-parableChristian retailers from The Parable Group report that customers are buzzing about the new Bible journaling trend. Combining faith and art, the trend encourages creatively decorating the pages of a Bible to visually document the reader's spiritual journey.

Jody Landon, assistant manager and gift buyer for Parable Christian Store in San Luis Obispo, California, said that Bible journaling products are attracting many customers.

“We have Bible journaling products positioned right by our front door, and customer interest is piqued," said Landon. "Recently, we had a customer drive over an hour to our store to buy two ESV Journaling Bibles (Crossway) and a $120 deluxe Bible journaling kit. They were to be gifts to give to her twin daughters so they could begin journaling."

Lorraine Valk, owner of Parable Christian Store in St. Joseph, Michigan, was excited about this new type of product.

“We have anxiously been awaiting the new journaling Bibles since we've been having requests for them," Valk said. "As a scrapbooker, I've been excited to see the new journaling products arrive, seeing the potential this has for yet another way to experience the Word of God.”

Most publishers who print journaling Bibles sold out this spring. Two vendors at the International Christian Retail Show offered Bible journaling products: GT Luscombe and Illustrated Faith by Bella Blvd. GT Luscombe has Bible journaling art supplies such as pens, markers, stamps/ink pads, watercolors and paints. Bella Blvd has paper products such as stickers, labels and tip-ins.

Bible journaling has become popular on social media in the past year. Many women’s Bible studies have sprung up around the practice as a unique and creative way to interact with and memorize God’s Word.

Jeff Bruenning, merchandising and marketing manager at The Parable Group, said that Bible journaling could present new opportunities for retailers to engage their customers.

“This is an opportunity for Christian retailers to not only sell the Bibles and supplies for journaling, but engage with customers by providing in-store workshops and journaling Bible studies,” said Bruenning.

Landon has that exact plan for her local journaling community.

“We are gathering names of Bible journaling customers so we can invite them to a workshop event we are planning," said Landon.

Marilyn Hood, owner of Sweet Spirit in Marietta, Georgia, was similarly enthusiastic.

“I love the journaling trend," Hood said. "Our granddaughter also really enjoys it and will be hosting an event for us as soon as we get adequate stock of the ESV Journaling Bible. I guess there has been a run on them due to the online explosion of interest! It’s a great problem to have as this trend is getting people to spend time in the Word!”

The Parable Group is highlighting this trend on its fall catalog and providing its stores with related marketing tools.