Art Tutorial: Proverbs 3:6


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The PDF file to download:  straight paths coloring

As I read this week's verse the paths stood out to me.  Especially straight paths--not the winding dirt and rock paths through the woods on a hike, not the crazy wonky turning roads in a subdivision, and not the roads on a diagonal that I seem to encounter here in Illinois.  But grids of paths and roads and sidewalks.  When we lived in Salt Lake City, Utah it was incredibly easy to get around.  The entire valley was laid on the exact same grid system and numbered accordingly.  So the name of a road wouldn't change from town to town even.  From the first day we moved there I could navigate easily to anything I wanted to find!

That is what happens in our lives when we let God lead!  As long as we follow what HE wants, not our own plans that are twisting and turning, but HIS, we end up straight as an arrow right next to Him.

The artwork reflects that simplicity:  a grid system that leads us with arrows directly to our Savior.  Filled with easy doodles of flowers, houses, trees. a sun, and a church.  This one is super easy to recreate!

  1.  Use a ruler to draw the outer rectangle of the grid.  Then add three vertical lines on the right side.
  2. Use the ruler to add 6 horizontal lines, not evenly spaced to give the layout interest.  But make sure to leave space on the left for the words.
  3. Write in the verse.  All caps keeps with the simple and grid theme.
  4. In the boxes created in the grid add a "neighborhood"--flowers, trees, simple houses--mostly geometric shapes.  Lines of grass in a few places.
  5. Add arrows to some of the lines.  Add sidewalk/stripes to the outer rectangle.
  6. Add color with any media.  Use a different media to add extra details.