Art Tutorial: John 16:33



Downloadable PDF coloring sheet:  rebus coloring

This was a wordy verse!  Is that a word?  Wordy?  Well, anyway...I couldn't break it down, I wanted the entire verse to be in the artwork, and that doesn't leave a lot of space for a large central drawing.  As I read it over and over, several pictures came to mind--and I realized I was reading it almost like a rebus. Remember those from preschool/kindergarten?  When a word is substituted with a picture.  Maybe back to school time helped form that idea.  But the more I considered the words, I found that they are difficult--yet so simple.  Again I felt the connection to the rebus.  That cemented the decision and I formulated a plan.

These are the substitutions:

  • The cross = Christ
  • stick person = you
  • 2 = to
  • needle = so
  • dove = peace
  • earth = world

Creating the artwork is pretty easy!  Most of the symbols are super basic .  The dove is a little harder--confession:  I searched Pinterest for dove tattoos! I knew it would be a simple line drawing!  I often use this trick to find simple outlines for different drawings.

  1.  Using a ruler draw 8 lines across the page.
  2. On the top line, draw a long arrow.  I actually used the line for the bottom of the arrow.
  3. Write the words and rebus symbols in pencil.  I have the spacing all figured out for you!  When you are done, then go over it in marker (just in case).
  4. The design needed some color; add rectangles of color around each word and color in the symbols.  You can use any medium for this:  crayons, markers, gelatos.  I used watercolor.
  5. Use a different medium or a slightly different shade to outline each rectangle to make them pop.