Delight Yourself in the Lord

Delight Yourself in the Lord


Psalm 37: 4 New King James Version (NKJV) 4 Delight  yourself  also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.


Context of This Verse

Psalm 37 was written by the prophet David later in his life. One duty of a prophet was to explain the laws that were given to Moses and God's people. Many people were questioning the outcomes they were witnessing for people who did follow God's laws. God's people were confused as to why some evil people seemed to be receiving blessings while some followers of Christ seemed to be suffering for their faith. David wrote this psalm to explain God's providence. Unlike David's other psalms which are written as devotions, this one is written as a sermon.  The lines of this particular psalm contain imperative sentences.  David is giving us direct statements to follow in order that we can live a happy Christian life. God created each one of us.  He knows what will TRULY make us happy and satisfy us. This psalm is written to help us realize that if we look to God to fulfill us and if we long for MORE GOD instead of more "stuff"- then we WILL be happy! We should not feel jealous of those people who obtain lots of "stuff" and riches by doing evil things. They are not truly satisfied.  They will keep needing more and more "stuff"....  their happiness is focused outwardly and dependent on their circumstances. We, on the other hand, can have inward true  happiness.   True happiness is constant and not dependent on any outward circumstance. David is telling us that we can have constant joy and peace if we place our longings inward!  We will be satisfied and happy if we depend solely on the source of our true happiness ,OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, to fill us!!!  The Lord will provide for us with what we TRULY need to be happy! The more of HIM we accept the FULLER we will become!!!


Key Words:



Delight:   verb-  to take great pleasure

Yourself: - pronoun: you personally (used to emphasize the person being addressed).

"you're going to have to do it yourself"
Notice that the word delight is a verb- it shows action.  We must act to do what this imperative sentence is telling us to do! It is up to each one of us to delight ourselves in God!  We must be intentional about where we find our pleasure!
Have you ever noticed how what you look at and what you surround yourself with affects your desires?  For example, a person can enter a mall not even being hungry, but they still begin to DESIRE a cookie as soon as they see and smell the booth they pass.  Another example, you may have a closet full of clothes. You have enough shirts, pants, and shoes to not repeat the same outfit for at least 3 weeks, yet when you go to the mall all of a sudden you want more.  As you "window shop" you begin DESIRING new things.  Your closet full of things no longer satisfies you.
It is up to us to control what we focus on and surround ourselves with.  We CAN control our desires, we just have to be intentional about what we spend our time doing!
Now let's relate this realization to what David says.......
Our spiritual life and relationship with God work the same way as the above examples.  By choosing daily to immerse ourselves in Heavenly thoughts, we will begin to DESIRE more God and less stuff!  Our DESIRE to have more God will lead us to HAVING more God!  The more God we have the more content and happy we truly will be!!!!  Stuff will come and go ultimately leaving us feeling empty. Our relationship with our Heavenly Father is ETERNAL and FULFILLING.  Our God is who we were created to truly DESIRE.
I challenge you today and from this day forward to intentionally guide your desires!  You can do this by spending time with God each morning and evening in prayer, listening to Christian music, spending time with Christian friends, and by reading and studying The Word of God!
Each one of us are given a set number of hours each day- it is up to us to spend those hours in ways that will ultimately fill us!!! :)