God Makes Music Glorious

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I have included this post here at BSFTH, so you get to know me a little more.  :)  If you click over to my website www.nicplynel.com I have an entire series of posts based on music lyrics.  You can find them under the tag music.  

 I LOVE music.  I am that crazy woman you see rocking out in her car at the stoplight, who is whistling in the parking lot, singing under my breath in stores, dancing in my backyard.  So if those places why not hands up at church bouncing more than the kids to the beat.

 Ok, I admit it.  I dance and sing everywhere.  EVERY where.   I cannot help it.

The happier the song the better.  I listen to Christian music a lot, but I refuse to listen to commercials, there are just way too many good songs I could be missing--and God has given way to many people way to much talent to miss out on it.  So  I push buttons.  I love alternative rock, folk, country, dance, some hip hop, I will listen to songs that I have NO IDEA what they  are saying or if it is even in English if it has awesome music.  I love harmony.  I love beats.


This is the first in several art pieces I am going to share with you that have been inspired by music.  Some are old, some I am doing specifically for this series.  And each one will have a link underneath for you to listen.  :)

And dance.  You really should dance.

With out further ado, #1. IMG_0003-001

Go to here to hear the song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81dK2Vu1IUs&hd=1

David Crowder