Art Lesson: Exodus Study Lesson 5

There was never a dull moment for the Isrealites was there?  I am sure they were thinking they needed things a little easier, a little more stable.  But, really, they just needed to realize:  Life is never easy or stable.  But GOD IS.  He is the one constant, for eternity.  His love stable.  Accepting His love is easy if we let it be.  When we lift Him up, He leads us to victory.  I love how powerful this is in this week's story.  And the image of Moses lifting up the rod/God's power to lead the Isrealites really stuck with me.  And this is what came out: Scan-003


Now...don't freak out:  if you don't think you draw this, do try!!!, but if not...I decided to include a printable version of the outline at the bottom of the post.  :)  You can print it out and just add color as you see fit.  And as a bonus, I am adding two extra posts this week!  In one, I show a step by step of how I create some of my more abstract backgrounds for verses.  And the other is specifically how to different lettering. I created them separately so you can easily refer to them.  You might decide to use that instead.

If you want to try drawing this here are the steps.  Go slowly and draw VERY lightly in pencil first so you can erase when needed.



  1.  draw the left side of Moses arm.
  2. draw the line on the right side of the arm, make it just a little longer.  Notice how they angle closer together at the top.
  3. draw a short angled line.  It is about a 45 degree angle.  Then draw a short backwards L right near there for the web between thumb and pointer finger.
  4. draw the other side of the hand.  Start at the top of the arm line and angle just a very little up and away.
  5. draw the top of the hand by continuing that line back the other way.  It will create a VERY wide V shape.
  6. draw the rod:  make two parallel lines going on either side of the hand.  The bottom line should touch the end of the short line on the left  to the backwards L and the middle of the angled line on the right side. The top line is also in the middle of the angled in line on the top right side.
  7. add the fingers:  This is not as hard as it looks!  You are going to draw a half oval shape/C line on its' side.  Just connect lines and kind of stack them up.

TA DAH!  All done with the hardest part!

  1. Now you can add some decoration to the rod...just add some C shapes to make it look rounded.
  2. Add a sleeve at the bottom, I added extra lines to make it look like the fabric flowing.
  3. Draw the mountain/rock shapes in the back.  Big triangles.
  4. Add the rectangle frame.
  5. Draw your letters of the verse.  Write the rest of the verse around the edge of the rectangle.
  6. Paint and add color!
  7. to shade the hand and arm, paint all one color but leave a little white on the edges.  Once it is dry, go back in and add another layer/wash to just the middle of the arm, pointer finger, and knuckles.
  8. to shade the mountains:  paint all a brown, either wet or dry add black along the top in wide stripes.  Mix  a little brown and red to get the brick color or a little green in and add that along the rectangle.
  9. paint the sky.

And here is the hard outlines version that you can download and print.  Scan