God Launched a Bible Study!

Today I want to share with you how an "unanswered" prayer in my life actually turned out to be a BLESSING in disguise! This is the story of how this blog and Bible study came to be.




My story

I have been a public elementary school teacher for almost 20 years.  I have LOVED it!  I KNEW when I first began teaching children that education was the right career for me. Teaching inspired and fulfilled me. Watching children grow both in knowledge and in confidence moved me- and still does!

Over the past couple of years I have experienced a different pulling.  I have felt a nudge to move in a different direction. After leading many adult Bible study classes, I began to feel a STRONG calling on my life to work for a faith-based company.  I thought it might be time for me to find a job where I could serve adults.  I felt called to merge my teaching with my Christian faith, so I reached out to the John Maxwell Co. (John Maxwell by my standards, is THE BOMB, when it comes to Christian Leadership Teaching)

My first degree is in Marketing.  I went back to get my teaching degrees after my children were born. I saw that The Maxwell Co. had an opening in their Marketing division, so I reached out to the hiring manager. She responded to my interest email and set me up with some interviews. I KNEW this must be a sign from God because I had been out of the business world for 20 years!  After interviewing with everyone at the John Maxwell Co. (besides John Maxwell and the janitor- slight exageration) I felt pretty confident that I would be offered the job. I was so excited!

Weeks went by before I heard that the job had been offered to someone else  I did not have enough (or any, in fact) email marketing experience. I was DEVASTATED!!!!  I just KNEW God was CALLING me...  and then the door was slammed in my face!!!  OUCH, John Maxwell!!!!!  ;)

The day I found out  I moped!!!  I am not a "mopey" person, but I allowed myself one half of a day to pout!  During that one half of a day I did something a little bit desperate and a lot bit crazy...  I found the most influential Christian business person in my area and I messaged him! This particular person is the past President and CEO of iDisciple- which is part of Family Christian Bookstores. Anyway, I poured my heart out to him and asked if we could meet. I wrote that I felt "called" to work for a faith-based company.  I  mentioned that I had been out of the business world for 20 years.  I asked him for guidance and advice.

This very important business man messaged me back within that same hour! I KNOW that he receives HUNDREDS of letters and resumes each week (he even told me so), but he responded to mine!  He said there was something about my letter that touched him!  He then told me that he would forward my letter to the hiring managers at iDisciple with his personal recommendation attached!  I was beyond excited and happy!  This to me was more validation that God WAS CALLING me to work for HIM!

What happened next led me to begin writing on my blog.  This business man forwarded me the email that he sent to his hiring managers.  In the subject line of the email he wrote:  potential writer!!!!  Here is the INCREDIBLE part- ....In my letter I had mentioned NOTHING about wanting to write!!!  The really AMAZING thing about this is that GOD KNEW I WANTED TO WRITE!!!

A few weeks before this happened I had asked a couple of friends of mine to meet me for a special prayer time.  We prayed about my "calling" ...  I told them how I really felt God nudging me to work somewhere where I could help adults.  I told them that my ultimate dream was to write Christian curriculum and Bible Studies one day. At this time I was waking up around 4:15 every morning to read and study before leaving for work each day.  Studying Jewish history and how it relates to events in the Bible fascinated me- STILL DOES!!!  I often say that I am obsessed with reading and researching!

A few days past by. I never heard back from iDisciple, but I knew that I should begin writing.  I started blogging.  I began writing short devotions.  I KNEW that even if no one else read them that I SHOULD write them down.  I was learning so much each morning when I read.  I needed to somehow DOCUMENT my findings and thoughts so that I would not forget them. Writing the devotions would help ME to remember what I was reading and learning. It would give God another avenue to SPEAK to me!  As I began writing, I felt HIS insights begin to flow through me!

From there the Bible Study began.  It all happened SO FAST and SO NATURALLY that it is a little bit hard for me to remember the exacts.  It is like GOD moved His hand over my computer, and everything connected! I don't even remember who joined my team first:  Abby, my journal instructor; or Nicole, my artist.  Both of these amazing ladies were brought to me by God Himself!  We have never even met each other!  We all somehow connected on the internet!  I saw Nicole's artwork on Pinterest and reached out to her asking if she would let me use some of her artwork with my study. Abby saw something I wrote on another "pin" on Pinterest and reached out to me asking about my Bible Study.  We began messaging and sharing ideas, and ......the rest is HISTORY!!!

Our interactive online Bible Study was born!

God KNEW what He wanted me to do and He KNEW who I needed on my team!  The Lord CAUSED the doors at Maxwell and iDisciple to close.  He caused the business man to reach out to me.  The Lord led me to begin this Bible Study, and He assembled my team!!!!  I feel SO BLESSED!!!!  I KNOW that I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be at this moment! For now, I will continue to teach elementary school during the school year and will write and lead online Bible Studies in the summer!

I am excited to see what God has in store next!

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