Your Red Sea Too Will Part!

Your Red Sea Too Will Part!

god-will-make-a-way_used with permission IBible Verses

One day, your Red Sea will part, and you will walk right thru one day, you will see God’s plan and all He has in store for you.

One day, He will lead you out, and you’ll be in the promised land one day, you’ll come to understand your times have been in His hand.

One day, He will send His light, and you’ll see His mighty power one day, you’ll know He has been with you in your darkest hour.

One day, He will rescue you, and you’ll be free at last . . . one day, you will praise Him for the things He brought to past.

One day, He will send His manna, and you will be filled with peace one day, your Red Sea too will part and your joy will never cease.

One day, you will look back, and tell of your wilderness story one day, you will be thankful and you’ll give God all the glory!



Copyright 2013 Deborah Ann Belka