Discussion Week 4

Read this poem and questions will follow:


To God Be The Glory ~


Lord, I want to bring You glory, I want to do right by You . . . I want the light of Your salvation in my life to shine brightly through.

I want to be the salt, the flavor of Your grace I want my soul to reflect the wonder of Your face.

I want to move mountains, to part the ocean wave I want to be Your soldier for You, Your Gospel slave.

I want to taste Your manna, sip the nectar of Your vine I want to be Your branch I want our lives to intertwine.

I want to be Your vessel, the clay upon Your wheel I want to see Your image, to know Your godly will.

Lord, I want to bring You glory, I want to sing Your praise . . . I want the world to know that for You, my heart’s ablaze!


Copyright 2014 Deborah Ann Belka

2.  Would I willingly follow God into a "desert"  if I KNEW my faith in Him would grow as a result?  Would you??

3.  If I was given the choice of either spending a year in the desert with God and only eating manna or spending a year in a beautiful castle surrounded by all the riches and food I could ever dream of BUT GOD NOT COME WITH ME....  which would I seriously choose??????  Which would you choose??

4.  What have I learned about God and His LOVE through this lesson?