God taught me to PRAY :)


 God does such AMAZING things each and every day in our lives!!!

I think it is important that we take the time to DOCUMENT our God moments

We should NEVER forget even the slightest detail of when God steps in and TOUCHES our lives

Today I will share ONE GOD STORY with you.

It involves finding lost keys....

This God moment happened about 4 summers ago.  My daughter at this time had a VW bug.  She had ONE KEY. She lost the ONE KEY. To replace it would cost over $300... I did not have $300... we were in a "pickle"...... I had been reading books about the proper way to "pray"- I didn't think I was doing it correctly- lol... ANYWAY, even though I was reading those books and learning that our prayers are simply conversations with God- a way to TALK to Him about EVERYTHING in our life.. ..with no formula, no format that you had to follow..... I STILL DID NOT APPLY PRAYER TO MY LOST KEY SITUATION until a friend asked me.... "Leslie, did you ask God to help you find your keys?"


HMMMMMMMMM....... why, no... I hadn't. I told the friend that I would give it a "whirl"...


That night before I went to sleep, I prayed and asked God to please help me find the key. I told him all the details of the cost, etc... and asked Him if He could give me just a little "Hint" as to where to look..... I HEARD HIS VOICE IN MY HEAD!!!!!! He said, "Look in your car, Leslie.... Look in your car...." (in my head he sounded like James Earl Jones... when I tell this story I like to use my DEEP, God voice to act it out....) Anyway..... I had ALREADY looked in my car- about 845 times!!!!! My daughter had ALREADY looked in my car as well!!! HER KEY WAS NOT THERE!!!!! I did not want to argue with God, so I just acted like I didn't hear Him and went to sleep.... In the morning before I got out of bed I prayed again and asked Him to help me find the key. I HEARD HIS VOICE AGAIN!!!!! This time STILL like James Earl Jones, but with a little less patience..." LOOK IN YOUR CAR, LESLIE..... LOOK IN YOUR CAR...." Well, ok- I thought..... I will go look again, God (who sounds like James Earl Jones)......


GUESS WHAT???!!!???? THE KEY WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I walked outside. Went straight to the driver's side.... opened the back door..... looked in the pouch behind the driver's seat..... AND THERE WAS THE KEY!!!!!!!!!!! I have NO IDEA what led me to walk straight to THAT spot and look (God led me).... I had NEVER EVEN USED THOSE SEAT POUCHES BEFORE!!!!  I really never even noticed that they were there!!!


I called my daughter and told her that I found her key and mentioned to her where it was..... she was AMAZED!!!! She, nor anyone else who rode in my car, had EVER put anything in those seat pouches!!!! To this day we KNOW it was God would led us to her lost key!!


I think God used the lost key as a way to teach me about prayer.  Up until this time I was concerned that my prayer life was lacking.  I thought I needed to use special words, include a special prayer place in my house, etc....  WITH THIS GOD MOMENT, My Heavely Father showed me how to truly pray!  When I pray to Him I need to discuss my life.  Tell Him about my worries, my hopes, my dreams, etc....  and thank Him for everything He has and will do for me!  My prayers are CONVERSATIONS!  He WANTS to be involved in EVERY area of my life- even the small things- like  2 and 1/2 inch KEYS!!!!


I hope by reading this you feel encouraged to TALK to GOD today!!!!  Nothing is TOO big or TOO small for God's ears!!  He loves us SO VERY MUCH!!!!  He is waiting to hear our voices!!  :)