God "rang" my cellphone and ANSWERED MY PRAYER!! :)

God does such AMAZING things each and every day in our lives!!!

I think it is important that we take the time to DOCUMENT our God moments

We should NEVER forget even the slightest detail of when God steps in and TOUCHES our lives

Now I will share ONE MORE GOD STORY with you.

It involves a phone call....



I have SO MANY God stories! This one is about God leading us to the house we currently live in. Gary (my husband) and I were planning on getting married. We KNEW that God brought us together (that is a whole other GOD STORY) .... we were looking for a place to live. We both had our own apartments.... mine a one bedroom, his a 3 bedroom. At the time we were both "empty- nesters".... his teenage daughters were living with their mom, my children were all older and had already left home (2 in college, one living with friends).... because of this we were looking for something small. We were searching for a townhouse or small ranch near his children's high school. We could not find ANYTHING!!!! The few that were in our budget got snatched up before we could even consider them. We were getting a little frustrated. We even began debating about just keeping his apartment and moving my stuff in there.


We decided to look at one more house. It was MUCH MORE HOUSE than the two of us needed (we thought), but it was close to the monthly rent that we were looking for AND IT was near the high school and his daughters, so we checked it out......

We had made a list of things that we wanted in a house.... a fireplace, book shelves.... etc..... WHEN WE LOOKED AT THIS HOUSE it had EVERYTHING we wanted multiplied by about a million.... it was SO MUCH MORE than we thought we needed or even wanted....

We spoke to the owner and she agreed to lower the rent to what we could afford to pay..... WE WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO WERE CURRENTLY EVEN LOOKING AT THIS HOUSE- which is a TOTAL God thing!!!!!

We left that showing and were still unsure. It was WAY TOO MUCH HOUSE for US!!!! We just didn't NEED it!!!!!! We felt so undeserving of it...  I think we even felt a little embarrassed even considering it.

We prayed. We asked God to lead us. Should we move into this house? After all there were only two of us.... it was just way too much house for us!!!

ALMOST instantly (seriously,  within 3 minutes) after praying my cellphone rang. It was my 24-year-old son. He was calling to ask if he could possibly stay with me for a while. We KNEW this was a sign from GOD! We MOVED into the house and my son now lives with us. This house has been a true BLESSING!  I feel like God knew that my son needed this time with Gary and I.  The growth that my son has shown over this past year is INCREDIBLE! He was always an amazing boy, but now he is developing into an amazing MAN!  He now has a full-time job and is saving money to buy his own car! I know that God moved us into this house so that my son could learn Godly wisdom and love through my husband, Gary!  It is INCREDIBLE!!!! I feel SO BLESSED that God led us here!

Gary's daughter also lived with us for a few months which was AWESOME!!!! She had not lived with her father in years, so this was a wonderful season for both she and her dad.  With this house we have SPACE available for any of our 5 kids to come home at any point! I do not know what the future will bring or where we will live next, but I DO KNOW for right now we are EXACTLY where we are meant to be!!!!!

Isn't it AMAZING that the God of the UNIVERSE wants to be involved in our everyday lives!!!!