Exodus Art Lesson #3: Went Before

Oh boy was there a lot to the reading this week!  God was working HARD!  As I read these chapters so many verses had an impact on me, and therefore, lots of artwork poured out!Scan-001 So this post is a little different than the last two.  I decided to share several of the pieces that came out of my study and meditation/prayer/painting time.


You may decide to work from the main piece (see it below) and the video, from the other pieces, or even on your own!  Lots of choices!  I love all of the artwork you are making and sharing on facebook.  God is with you as you are creating, it is so evident!  Keep up the great work and going deeper with Him.


Instead of written instructions-- as I painted the one that goes with this week's lesson I attempted to videotape myself painting!  Going to need some grace--it is a first attempt and due to time contraints very raw, but I think you will get a kick out of it.  It took me about 12 minutes--you can work right alongside me, or pause and work at your own pace.  I also talk a little bit more about working with the watercolor as I go--issues some of you mentioned on facebook.  :) (Update--just in case I added a few written instructions, but because I was filming I do not have photos of in progress.)Scan-008






And here is the video to paint the pillars of clouds and fire (just click the video title in green and it will take you to the Youtube video):

Exodus Week # 3Artwork Tutorial

Quick and easy written instructions:

1.  Draw a simple spiral down one side of the paper--the pillar of clouds.

2.  On the opposite side, draw flame shapes (sort of zig zags)--a pillar of fire.

3.  In the middle write the key verse:  Exodus 13:21

4.  I added color to each pillar and then added brown over the verse.  I was thinking of the sands that the Hebrews were wandering.  I used a little green and yellow under each brown stripe to connect the two pillars and to underscore the feeling of steps/ sidewalk/road.

That is it!  Super simple.

***Make sure you are not using too much water on your paper--it should not puddle, but just glisten--just enough to move around the color.  The paper should not be soaking wet either--it will feel clammy on the back, but not wet.

I can't wait to see what you all come up with this week!  It is so fun to watch you create and react to God's Word.  I love that many of you are feeling that closeness to Him and feel that you are soaking up His love and grace as you work.  That is what this is all about!

Christ's peace!  Nicole

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