Broccoli, Car, and May..... Oh, MY!!!!

broccoli I have heard God's voice 3 times in my life. He told me to "eat raw broccoli", "look in your car", and "May- not before May, not after May....  but May"...  All 3 of these times was in response to me SEEKING Him for HELP- and on these particular occasions HE chose to SPEAK TO ME!!!!!!!!!  All 3 took place during ONE particular summer (the summer of 2012).  HEARING God's voice  is AMAZING no matter HOW MANY times you are blessed enough to experience Him, but 3 times- THIS IS EXTREMELY INCREDIBLE!!! I feel like I NEED to reflect and share each one!!!   I am choosing to write them down for 2 reasons. My first reason is so that I do NOT forget anything!  My second reason is that people NEED to know that God DOES still communicate with His children! :)

The TIMING of these encounters was NOT haphazard.  NOTHING is haphazard with God!  The summer of 2012 was my "desert" if you will.  I was WANDERING!  I was SEARCHING!  I was ALONE!  I had been divorced for a while and was still feeling EMPTY.  The dating world had left me feeling both shocked and exhausted. I needed a TIME-OUT.  The summer of 2012 was going to be my "break."  I needed to take time to discover who I WAS- take time to HEAL and allow God to rebuild me.  During this summer I realized that It wasn't a "man" that I was craving. I began to realize that no "man" could ever TRULY satisfy me.  I was discovering that GOD Himself was who I was missing. I finally understood that what I was NEEDING was GENUINE LOVE -  the kind of LOVE which only comes from having a TRUE BOND with our Heavenly Father!!!

As I reflect back, I find it  important that I heard God exactly 3 times!!!  The number 3 is a significant number in scripture it refers to COMPLETION.  Knowing this peeks my curiosity.... Is the NUMBER important in my encounters with God?  Is it a coincidence that I heard Him EXACTLY 3 times??  Is there a lesson I can learn from the numerology of our interactions?? I think there IS!!!!  I am discovering as I reflect back on those three AMAZING moments that God was leading me to so much more than just broccoli, car keys, and May!!!!

God was about to speak to me!  He was about to CLEANSE me, MOVE me,  and ultimately FILL me!!!  In 3 VERY powerful, yet unique ways God was going to "speak" life back into His beloved daughter!

I am going to share each of the 3 moments with you in upcoming blogs.  I hope that through these blogs you will feel encouraged to PRAY without CEASING! God REALLY DOES CARE about EVERY detail of our LIVES!!!!  He wants us to TALK TO HIM about EVERYTHING................   EVEN our green vegetables!!!! ;)