Twinkles, Blinks and.............. DEADLY Winks!!!!

firefly Fireflies TWINKLE out of necessity.

It is their way to attract other fireflies and eventually mate.

According to the website:

Fireflies "talk" to each other using light signals. Fireflies don't put on those spectacular summer displays just to entertain us. You're actually eavesdropping on the firefly singles bar. Male fireflies cruising for mates flash a species-specific pattern to announce their availability to receptive females. An interested female will reply, helping the male locate her where she's perched, often on low vegetation.

This seems beautiful doesn't it??  


There is MORE to the story....  

There is a WARNING  in this next part that we MUST HEAR!

(imagine the theme of "Jaws" playing in the background as you read this next section)

DUN.... DUN....DUN... DUN... DUN...  DUN.... (that is the music)

Female fireflies sometimes mimic the flashes of other species. The well-known femme fatales in the genus Photuris use a trick called aggressive mimicry to make meals of other fireflies. When a male firefly of another genus flashes its light signal, the female Photuris firefly replies with the male's flash pattern, suggesting she is a receptive mate of his own species. She continues luring him in, closer and closer, until he's within her reach. Then she eats him!



What can WE possibly learn from all of this BUG-related  bloodshed you ask??!!??? 

There are TWO obvious lessons:

1. Not everyone who seems to TWINKLE at us has our best interest at heart!!!!

2. Some of them just want to EAT US!!!

How many times are we "lured" in by a TWINKLE????!!!??? A new potential friendship or romantic relationship may look SO tempting to us at first glance.  We may be drawn in for closer look  ....


not literally.....

but  spiritually....

We need to BE AWARE of who is TWINKLING at us!

We need to take the time to look for the SOURCE of the LIGHT!!!

Consider the verse in the Bible....

2 Corinthians 11:14 : No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

Are you SEEING the connection now????!!!???  Satan can DISGUISE himself as LIGHT!!!!


We live in a "FOREST", my friends!!! ......  a world full of deadly  TWINKLES, BLINKS and WINKS!!!  :)

Be CAREFUL out there!!!!