In Egypt as SLAVES- is This Love??!!??

moses2_2 I am starting a QUEST to FIND God's love in Bible stories!

My plan is this:

I will read both familiar and unfamiliar Bible passages INTENSELY focus on ONE THING- GOD'S LOVE!!!

My "love journey" begins with the book of Exodus.



What I DISCOVERED on day 1 of MY QUEST:

As I began reading Exodus, I notice that God's VERY children are SLAVES in a foeign land!!! THIS led me to a  burning question of God ..........WHY DID YOU ALLOW YOUR PEOPLE TO BE SLAVES IN EGYPT IN THE FIRST PLACE, GOD?????  Where you mad at them????  Having your children be SLAVES in a foreign land sure DOES NOT seem very loving to me!!!!     (Genesis 15:13)

Upon praying and researching I discovered something I had never realized - it was BECAUSE of God's love that His people were taken out of Canaan and placed into Egypt!  God was protecting them! The promised land was not ready.  It was NOT safe! The Israelites need to be secluded in an area where they could stay pure, reproduce and grow in numbers..

Just like in our world today, not everyone who lived in a certain area was good.  God gave everyone free will to choose.  Some of the earliest people decided to go against God.  A large number of those people lived in the area of Canaan.  Canaan was the original name given to the land of Israel.  In Canaan lived some evil people who worshiped false Gods and did wrong in God's sight.

The Israelites were outnumbered in Canaan.  Some of the evil men in the area were attracted to the Israelite women.  An Israelite woman was even raped by one ! God needed to get His people OUT of THERE until He could prepare the region and clear it from its tainted inhabitants.  God had a plan!  He had a predetermined date in mind of WHEN He would clear out the land for His children.

Until the "Promised Land" was ready, Egypt was the best choice for God's children.  The Egyptians would not try to procreate with the Israelites.  Because the Israelites were mainly shepherds, the Egyptians looked down upon them. This was actually GOOD for God's people. Since the Egyptians did not consider them their equals,  they wouldn't be tempted to "lay" with them. The Lord's army could GROW and stay Pure!

Connecting this to our lives:

When we are placed somewhere we do not want to be .....    (maybe in a job we do not like, or a situation we are not happy with)

we need to realize that maybe God has us there for a predetermined time for OUR own safety and GROWTH???!!!!

Maybe God's next step for us isn't ready yet.

Maybe we can GROW best where we are now.

God is not mad at us- He is protecting us!!!!

God LOVED the Israelites AND He LOVES US!!!!

What are your thoughts???

PLEASE SHARE your thoughts and ideas with me :) :) :)